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Solid Beech Floating Shelves

1.5" = 32mm

2" = 44mm

Hand made to order in our Lincolnshire workshops, using a combination of traditional techniques and modern technologies, our solid Beech floating shelves are passed through a number of processes to transform it from raw timber planks to these stunning contemporary floating shelves.

Each shelf is finished in a high quality clear wax, protecting the shelf and bringing out the natural beauty and individuality of each piece.

To avoid the cracks and splits which occur in air dried wood, the shelves are sourced from high quality kiln-dried stock.

All our shelves are made from timber sourced from sustainable forests.

No veneers are used in our floating shelves.


These shelves are available in a range of depths, from 17.5cm (7 inches) to 25cm (10 inches) and from 1ft to 7ft (12 inches to 84 inches).


The floating shelves are supplied with a set of heavy duty concealed floating shelf brackets, capable of holding up to 35kg per pair, and are suitable for installing into solid brick, block and timber stud walls (they are not suitable for direct installation into plasterboard).

Each of our shelves has professionally machined fixing holes.

Each order comes with easy to use instructions and the shelves are suitable for installing by DIYers.

*please note - images are for guidance, due to the wide variations in the timber, shelves may vary in shade from the image shown.

As all shelves are handmade to order, please allow up to 10 working days for dispatch.




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